The Immune system – Your personal Health and Longevity Bodyguard!

So often in life, we don’t think and care about how many things work until something goes private security companies in London wrong. The same can be said about our bodies too. We don’t ever stop to think “What is keeping me healthy and what can I do to help? ” If you find yourself being sick time and again, then now is the time to start thinking about your health and the health of your immune system!

We first need to understand what the immune system is and how it protects our bodies. The immune system is a powerful and complex network of cells and organs that protects us against “foreign” invaders (or antigens) such as viruses, bacteria, microbes, parasites, and toxins from entering the body by first creating a mechanical barrier (the skin). If one of these invaders gets through the barrier, the immune system produces white blood cells and proteins targeted to attack and defeat the foreign substances. The next step the immune system takes is to find the antigen and remove it from the body before it has a chance to reproduce and damage the system.Customized and Luxury Executive Protection Services | 001

However, the immune system can often break down from time to time, allowing antigens the opportunity to reproduce resulting in various illnesses and diseases. When this happens, your immune system revs up to fight off the invaders (this may explain why we get fevers). Most of the time, our body and our immune system are strong enough to fight off the foreign invaders that result in deteriorating health.

But, sometimes our immune system becomes weakened and cannot defend itself against every antigen. The result! You get sick. This is sometimes known as immune deficiency. As you age it becomes more and more difficult for your immune system to function properly – increasing your likelihood of getting infections. Also, poor nutrition, stress, an unhealthy lifestyle, and environmental toxins compromise your health and/or immune system.

There are several important aspects of your life and lifestyle that can help support your immune system and keep you and your family safe from unwanted viruses, bacteria, and parasites. Nutrition, exercise, and sleep all play significant roles in shaping the strength of your immune system. Maintaining a healthy eating habit and incorporating antioxidant vitamins into your diet not just boost your resistance from those “foreign” invaders, but also provide essential support and nutrition to your immune system. Getting adequate rest and exercise is also incredibly beneficial to immune support and lifespan longevity. By taking these simple, preventative steps a strong and healthy immune system may guard against sickness from invading pathogens and help you avoid more serious immune disorders.

Now that we’ve discussed what our amazingly resilient and powerful immune system is and how we can take simple, yet preventative measures to help our immune system keep us healthy. Also let’s discuss why it is so important to maintain complete immune support!

Everyone has suffered from some sort of cold or infection. A majority of us have also experienced the pain and inconvenience of cuts and scrapes that became infected. In situations like these, we are all used to our bodies coming to our defense and healing on its own. There are, however, situations where the body cannot heal itself, when an immune deficiency takes hold and can truly compromise ones health.

But, you don’t have to let poor immune health keep you from being with the people you love and the activities you enjoy! Take pride in following a healthy diet. Find joy in getting regular exercise. Make it a priority to get plenty of rest. And stop undermining your health! Start protecting your immune system today… and you’ll start protecting your personal Health and Longevity Bodyguard!

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