Google Places Offers Exciting Times For Small Business With SEO

They say, they have been really excited lately when they sit and research Google Trends and think about the various changes that Google has been making over the past year. For many reasons, the one Buy Google Reviews particular change that has got my blood running the most is the introduction of Google Places into the geo-targeted search results.

In their role as Head of Business Development, they are always taking the time to absorb their existing strategies and trying to find new ways of increasing business for the company. Like many are aware, there is a boutique Digital Marketing company and they provide cost effective strategies and digital marketing products but by no means are we the cheapest going around (they sit in the middle – A good place to be!).

They position their marketing to be in front of potential clients right in what they would call the mid stream of small to medium business. Their likely clients they will entertain are probably small business to medium businesses, with an annual turnover of between 1-3 million per year and those businesses which are actively seeking to improve their online business and overall lead generation strategies. So over the course of my week, they constantly faced with the frustrating task of turning clients away. Stupid you say? Well the reality is, if they don’t feel like someone can offer their business a healthy return on investment then they simply won’t take them on.

This usually happens because their business exists in a particular industry niche, were search volumes are low and their products and pricing cannot offer them a healthy return. They leave disappointed!For months in advance of the recent Google Places changes in Australia (they watched it play out in the USA prior), their Co-Workers was furiously working with their team to create a budget priced, cutting edge product that would finally give them the chance to offer up something to all these small businesses that they have previously been forced to turn away!

Well, let’s just say he certainly delivered and delivered well. Within days of Google implementing the changes here had a Google Places product ready to offer their clients. These products are powerful in positioning and optimising your Google Places listing for your business (for various search terms) and also include a degree of SEO so it’s a double win for our smaller clients.

While it might not be the most powerful strategy for larger businesses who are targeting more aggressive and competitive search terms, it certainly is an amazing products for the small businesses in largely non competitive industries who cannot afford high priced SEO campaigns.

Previously Google Places was known as Google Map Listings. You certainly wanted your business to be in those map listings at the time, but the overall benefits was questionable. Sure, you had a one line title and link to your website but that was about it. As it turns out, the punters using the search engines would scroll down some and look towards the organic listings to get a more detailed explanation of your website or business offerings.

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