Winter Wedding Escort Cards

At virtually every wedding there is a need for some form of escort card system to help direct guests to their dinner tables. The standard white tent cards will certainly get the job done, but they are not particularly creative. These are some very nice ideas for escort cards for winter weddings which will be sure to create a fantastic first impression on your guests.

Snowflakes are one of the best winter motifs. They can be the foundation for your very wedding planning jewelry, an accent on your wedding invites, and they also make terrific escort cards. Buy wooden snowflakes which are painted white (or plain ones and paint them yourself); they are readily available at craft shops. Write the name and table number for each guest on one of the snowflakes with a metal paint gun. The final step is to tsescort hang them on a small tree at the entrance to your reception location. If you are having a holiday wedding, the snowflakes would be wonderful on a small Christmas tree. For a Winter Wonderland themed affair, create a tree from twigs which are adorned with strands of clear glass drops, very teardrops, and other glittery decorations.

Votive candles can be used to create unique and inviting escort cards for a winter wedding. Choose pretty glass votive cases and either write upon them with a paint gun or tie a cute little tag to each one with the name and table information for each guest. A small tea light inside will make the candlestick display safer, as it will keep the flames well contained within the holder. Ask someone to be in charge of lighting them at the eleventh hour just before the guests enter. The candles can be arranged in a long line or in several rows with lots of space around them to make them straightforward for the guests to grab without coming in contact with the other candles. Talk about a glowing entrance!

If you like the idea of the traditional tent style escort cards, they can be decked out with a freezing twist. Tie a small tartan ribbon and bow to the top of each card for a bit of holiday perk. It is quite simple to do yourself with basic tent cards; simply punch two holes in the front of the card near the top edge, and put a short part of lace through the front of the holes, cross it in the back, then bring the tails back out of the hole to manufacture a little ribbon and bow. For a New Year’s wedding with plenty of sparkling very jewelry and a silver stitched wedding planning gown, substitute a twinkling silver lace for the tartan.

A really fun idea is to welcome your guests with escort cards made from popular winter months treat, such as gingerbread men. Line the small guys up and tie a small banner around the neck of each one with the guest’s name and table. For even more fun, decorate the gingerbread men to look like brides and grooms. Your guests will be certain to enjoy this tasty twist on the traditional escort card!

There are numerous additional winter motifs which lend themselves to wedding escort cards. A die cut pair of mittens, one labeled with the name and the other with the table, can be tied together with a piece of red yarn and laid flat or pinned to a clothesline. Berry, birds, and snowmen are other fun motifs to research. There are so many strategies for winter wedding escort cards that it would almost be a shame to stick with the plain white ones!

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